We are often away in the summer, returning for short periods to scythe the grass and use the hammock. It’s beautiful here in the summer, if you’re a mosquito. This summer, with the heatwave across Europe, even Kiruna experienced warm temperatures, and mosquitos were in short supply. At one point I even swam in a lake in the fjäll. But that’s another story.

Now the winter season is here (at least, one of them: there are four, according to local traditions). And yet, still no snow.

We’re not complaining. Usually at this time we return after a lengthy absence to face several days of digging the car out of the garage. This year things happened much faster, so after a brief period of reconnections and sniffing around to see what was what, we were putting our feet up in front of the fire, twiddling our thumbs and wondering what to do next.

Enjoy, I say. The snow will come soon enough and then there will be no time for thumb twiddling.